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Trump Organization, Indonesia

The Trump Organization refers to a group of approximately 500 business entities of which Donald Trump is the sole or principal owner. The organization employs over 22,000 employees globally.

On August 13th, 2019, the Trump Organization held a pre-launch event in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta to promote two Trump-branded resorts and to kick off the sale of luxury condos and villas in the country. Donald Trump Junior, an Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, attended this pre-launch event.


For the big pre-launch event, held in the Marketing Gallery at the Park Hyatt Jakarta, the Trump Organization required a large-scale interactive display that would provide digital signage. To fit the grandeur of the luxurious Marketing Gallery, the organization was after a display that would be large and powerful enough to show digital signage clearly for everyone to see.

Furthermore, the Trump Organization was looking for a solution from a prestigious brand that would match the luxurious Marketing Gallery environment and Trump-branded six-star luxury hotel, resort and condos.


The Trump Organization chose to put their trust in the Newline RS Series 98” after discovering it met all the of their requirements. The RS Series is an interactive display with a powerful built-in whiteboard which can be used for effective meetings at any needed time.

The RS Series 98” display is big enough to serve as a digital signage display. With 4K UHD resolution, it captures the attention of all with brilliant images and bright colors. The slim frame design gives the panel an elegant look that makes it fit perfectly into the luxurious atmosphere of the Marketing Gallery.

The RS Series operates on a dual system of Android and Windows, meaning it adapts perfectly to any situation and to meet every need. With the built-in whiteboard and on-screen annotation features on Android, users can easily and intuitively hold important discussions. With the on-board OPS PC running Windows 10, users can install all kinds of Windows-based digital signage files and applications for the Marketing Gallery.


The users at Trump Organization are very happy with the results yielded by the Newline RS Series display. It has proven to be a solution that truly meets all of the organization’s needs.

The Trump Organization is considering incorporating more Newline displays in their upcoming Trump-branded projects for hotels, resorts, and condos.

“The Newline 98” display is a cool and easy-to-use interactive product that allows our digital marketing content to be displayed clearly, which is very eye-catching. If the display is to be installed in our conference room, we will be able to use it as a digital whiteboard.” – IT Facility Manager