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Goodwill Commodities, India

Goodwill Commodities is a leading investment and trading consultancy which provides financial consultancy for leading brokerages and trading firms in India. With a strong support team, Goodwill is always on the forefront of accurately imparting mission critical financial analysis and data to its customers.


    • Need to analyze financial data in a meeting room setup for team discussions.
    • Need for complete conferencing solution with corporate clients (Traders and Brokerages).
    • Need to share data and annotation in addition to video and voice.


TRUTOUCH IB series 55” interactive display is installed in the meeting room.

    • Allows multiple users to simultaneously discuss and analyze financial data on a single screen which increases efficiency.
    • Conferencing facilities enable users and clients to share trading data and analysis remotely.
    • More immersive presentation experience with annotation facility allows users to save time to discuss complex financial reports.


“Financial data and analysis are often mission and time critical. Our traders and brokerages depend on us to provide the most accurate financial data. Newline Interactive Displays have enabled our team to analyze complex financial data in a more efficient manner because of their interactive and annotation capabilities. Newline displays are also time-saving because of their conferencing facilities which allows us to talk to our clients remotely.

We would recommend Newline displays to all financial institutions like Stock Exchanges, Trading Platforms and brokerages for a more efficient analysis of financial reports and data.”

-Mr. Pravinth, Project Head, Goodwill Comtrades pvt ltd.