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UBS Wealth Management, USA

UBS Wealth Management is a global leader in wealth management. With a network of financial advisors spanning 50 countries on 5 continents, UBS provides a variety of excellent financial services to their clients based on understanding needs and strong relationships.


UBS Wealth Management needed better tools to improve their communication with their growing clientele. Their low tech office environment and old, printed collateral did not help give them the appearance of a progressive company growing with the times. Their communication tools felt dated, and UBS Wealth Management wanted to protract that, as a global wealth management leader, they would not fall behind the times.


Multiple 650 TRUTOUCH interactive displays were dispatched, loaded with the award winning IdeaMax software to multiple locations across UBS Wealth Managements’ United States offices. Newline’s cutting edge touchscreen interfaces included internet access, mapping, annotation, printing, emailing and video conferencing from a single interactive screen. The TRUTOUCH displays would help portray UBS Wealth Management as the highly technological agency they are.


UBS Wealth Management saw a great improvement in their ability to communicate with all of their clients in these offices, effectively helping grow their business. Their image as a thriving global agency leading the way into the future improved, and continues to help them solidify and grow relationships with their clients. More UBS Wealth Management offices are looking to adapt the same strategies and TRUTOUCH technology from Newline to continue their growth.

“TRUTOUCH from Newline has significantly improved communication with our clients. The more clear our communication, the stronger relationships we build to grow our business.”

-Jay Arbetter, Senior Vice President