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10 Top Productivity Hacks

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Not sure how to keep your office running as productive as possible? Try these ten tricks to keep yourself more focused and more efficient during your work week.

  • Stay up to date with what’s happening in your industry.

    Don’t get stuck in the trap of wasting time trying to catch up with your business. Follow industry blogs, news channels, social media, and even podcasts to stay on top of what is happening in the world around you.
  • Break big projects into smaller tasks.

    Giant tasks look daunting and often like an unclimbable mountain. Break that mountain into smaller, more digestible chunks and you will find yourself racing to the top every time.
  • Surround yourself with productive people.

    Hire employees and team members who strive to give 120% every day. Having productive people around you reaching their goals will help inspire you to do the same.
  • Focus on real solutions, instead of temporary fixes.

    If you are always chasing after a temporary fix, you will never find the long term solution.  Take the time you need to create a reliable solution that won’t need a temporary fix after it goes out.
  • Aim for 30 minute meetings.

    The shorter your meetings, the sooner your team can get back to work making your goals a reality. It’s that simple.
  • Be ready to say “no”.

    Don’t be so eager to please you make promises you can’t reliably keep. Save yourself the stress of over-commitment by remembering it’s okay to say “no” every now and then.
  • Use more collaborative technology.

    Technology exists to make our lives easier. Use apps and devices that are simple and easy to use to save time in your day to day office workload.
  • Follow the 5-minute rule.

    If a task takes less than 5 minutes to complete, don’t procrastinate. Do short, simple tasks immediately to free up that space on your “to-do” list again.
  • Get rid of the clutter.

    Messy desks make for messy minds. Keep yourself distraction free and more organized by removing things from your desk that just stand in your way.
  • Keep an optimistic attitude.

    Your outlook affects everything. Stay positive, even when you’re stressed, and not only will you not slow down the people around you with your negativity, you’ll give yourself a boost to get even the most discouraging projects finished on time.