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Cenoposiciones, Spain

With over 60 years of experience in the field of training and preparation of oppositions, CENOPOSICIONES is a reference company. Currently they have training centers in nine of the most important cities in Spain and they are conducting a process of modernization and improvement of its facilities and learning media to continue ensuring the best results to their customers.


The upgrade of a classroom with the necessary solution to use teaching tools based on interactive and collaborative education. The aim was to get a complete solution that contained everything necessary to carry out the training solutions. They needed for the different parts of the solution to be easily compatible and at the same time let its users interact with their own working tools (BYOD). The concept of an integrated “all in one” solution was highly valued. It also needed to be the easiest to use as it was going to be used by internal and external teachers so no training for its use was a must.


At first, they evaluated the possibility of using an interactive display with IR technology and optionally integrate an OPS PC. Gradually they passed through the major brands seeking their own solution. In this process they studied the IB and NB Newline Series, but when they discovered the X Series they focused on the search for an integral solution, the easiest to use in the market, the TRUTOUCH X7. In addition, technologically it offered them the best experience both in use and writing of all that they had tried before.


The X7 was installed on the wall of one of the classrooms and has been used daily since then. Teachers use it to give lessons and the result is unbeatable. Given the level of satisfaction, they are considering very seriously extending the project to other classrooms and branches. After testing this solution, the results were even better than what CENOPOSICIONES was expecting, so they decided to upgrade the rest of classrooms of their main training Center. They installed 6 units in total in all the classrooms to be managed by all the internal and external teachers and thinking about teaching in a collaborative system. With this upgrade they are giving the best training with the most advanced technology that you can find nowadays in their field.

CENOPOSICIONES has invested in the upgrade of all their training rooms with “all in one” solutions. They can be ready to work on training their students in less than one minute turning on only one device. The easiest to use in the market.