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British Kindergarten Fun&Math, Poland

The British Mathematical Preschool ‘s main objective is to introduce English into the children’s everyday lives so that they acquire it instinctively, and to utilize their natural abilities to help them view mathematics from its best side and grasp it as such. At each stage, the pupils will be given the opportunity to get to know and develop their language and mathematical skills. The school follows the complete preschool curriculum as required by National Education Ministry.


The Kindergarten Fun&Math management wanted to enhance the daily education and games, helped by the use of a state of the art solution. Dealing with such young users, the target was to find a very easy to use quality technology product.

The general purpose of the investment was to engage children much more into education, especially to increase their interest into a second language, in this case English.


After some research, Kindergarten Fun&Math found out that Newline 55-inch TRUTOUCH display (TT-5515B) was the best choice for the two classrooms that needed to be equipped with an interactive solution.

With these touchscreens, kids may have easy access to writing, drawing and playing games. Under supervision of the teachers, pupils may use learning applications to learn Polish (native) and English (second) languages and math.


Now teachers are able to prepare exercises without limits, more accurate and focused on pupils’ needs and expectations. The displays provide interactivity which engages kids and facilitates them learn faster. And of course, attractive content makes them pay more attention than traditional tools.