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How Collaborative Technology Can Increase Employee Retention

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Keeping strong employees around is an integral part of your business. By increasing your employee retention, you can spend less time and costs training to get new employees up to speed. Your business runs more efficiently when everyone involved fully understands how each piece of the puzzle works.

While some factors employees list for quitting are beyond an employer’s control, such as moving to follow a spouse, there are several ways that increasing the level of collaboration inside of your office can help improve employee morale.

We took a look at some of the most common reasons employees quit and found ways that you can utilize state-of-the-art technology to keep your best employees happy and satisfied with their work.

Failure to engage their employee’s creativity

Employees want to be intellectually and creatively challenged. If they feel like they are bored or left unchallenged by their work, or have a lot of busy work, it might start them looking elsewhere for a stronger challenge.

Adding new technology to your office may help engage their curiosity again. Giving your employees a new tool that will help them get their more tedious tasks out of the way quicker, and on to more challenging tasks will keep them more intellectually stimulated.

Feeling like their contributions are not welcome or are not appreciated

Your office is a team. When a member of the team feels like they are not contributing anything to your goals or that their feedback is not valued, they themselves do not feel like a valuable asset to the team.

Including more collaborative equipment in your meetings can be a solid way to highlight the importance of your employee’s voices. Let them annotate and give concerns, suggestions and feedback in real time. And be sure to write on a screen or recording the meeting to show that you are listening to their input.

Time not valued or respected

Holding more efficient meetings, or even allowing employees to video conference in, can help reduce the time your employees spend sitting in a meeting room and not actively working towards finishing their list of day to day duties.

Instead of being forced to work overtime, or adjust their family or business travel schedules to make sure that they are in the office at meeting time, incorporate video conferencing and allow them a bit more room to breathe and not rush around.

More collaborative technology may not solve all of the reasons a good employee may choose to leave, but integrating more interactive technology can be a step in the right direction to reduce your turnover rate.