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Litera Valley School, India

Litera Valley School in India provides a complete and unique educational experience for the child, preparing him/her for a successful life in the contemporary Society.


The school wants to create an excellent educational institution synthesizing the human values with the highest quality of teaching-learning using modern technology-driven tools for preparing a well-rounded personality for the society.

    • Need to impart knowledge and learning for kids by efficient use of technology.
    • Need to foster an immersive experience for kids with practical examples and applications.
    • Need to inculcate and enhance the writing and listening ability of kids with different applications


Newline’s TRUTOUCH IB series 55” interactive displays are installed in the classrooms.

    • Truly Immersive Experience- Children can learn alphabets, numbers, rhymes and also solve puzzles on a single screen with different apps making the learning more interesting.
    • Seamless writing feature helps children to practice their handwriting skills in a more efficient manner.
    • Multi Touch Technology allows children to interact simultaneously which develops team work skills at a young age.


Newline’s TRUTOUCH interactive displays allow educational institutions to impart knowledge using the latest technology.“ Newline’s IB 55” TRUTOUCH Interactive Display have revolutionized the way we impart education to children. The interactive and annotation features have helped children to have a more practical learning experience with interactive apps for alphabets, numbers and rhymes. Solving puzzles on a single big screen together has also helped children to develop team-working skills. We feel that such displays are the future of education and we are glad to have found Newline displays with all-in-one features for our classrooms.“ –Chairman, Mr. Karthikeyan