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A new display, a new world: Newline holds new product launch in Beijing

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Located on the shore of Yanqi Lake in Beijing, the Sunrise Kempinski Hotel looks like a rising sun. After hosting events like the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation and the APEC Summit, it has become a world-class landmark. On April 11th, it witnessed another historical moment: Newline, the world’s leading interactive display brand, officially entered the Chinese market, announcing the beginning of a new era of China’s commercial display market.

Attendees gathered to witness the Newline product launch in China

With the slogan “Newline: New Display, New World,” the new product launch and core partner conference was an unprecedented event. Notable guests included the Newline China team, global partners and Chinese market partners. At the product launch, the Newline “创 Chuang” series, “锐 Rui” series, “极 Ji” series and “云 Yun” series were released; industry-leading technology that amazed attendees. Newline showcased solutions that are intelligent, flexible and easy-to-use, fit for collaborative and conferencing spaces and enabling modern office environments for users in various industries.

Newline new product launch

At the beginning of the conference, the Chairman delivered a speech recalling the development history of commercial displays. Over the years, Newline Interactive has confidently developed in the commercial display market. In the future, it will invest even more resources to promote the upgrading and innovation of the entire industry.


At the product lunch, Newline released the new 2019 “创 Chuang,” “锐 Rui,”, “极 Ji”, and “云 Yun” series with a lot of highlights.

In the afternoon session, Mr. Dong, Vice President of All View Cloud (AVC), shared industry data and observations with the attendees. He said that China’s commercial display industry is experiencing explosive growth and expects a compound annual growth at a rate of 25.5% from 2017 to 2020. Large commercial displays are increasingly favored by users in corporate offices, government affairs, telemedicine, education and training. The market has grown significantly, and the large “Blue Ocean” is looking forward to Newline’s presence.

Mr. Dong, Vice President of All View Cloud (AVC), Industry Data Sharing

Following his speech, Mr. Dong invited a number of important guests to come to the stage to conduct a short Newline forum. The guests were Mr. Fu, General Manager of Newline China, Mr. Wang, General Manager of VST HOLDINGS LIMITED, Mr. Wu, General Manager of AliOS TV Business Unit, Mr. Dai, Senior Manager of Intel China IoT, Mr. Gao, Deputy General Manager of Hanlin Hui, and Ms. Wu, General Manager of Languo Electronics. They shared their observations and thoughts on the commercial display market, expressing their expectations of cooperation with Newline. At the end of the forum, the guests joined hands in spirit of cooperation and success for the Newline brand.

Newline Forum

After the forum, the CEO of DisplayNote Technologies, Mr. Brown, demonstrated the company’s conferencing program. Mr. Chen, Deputy General Manager of Industry Development Department, introduced Newline’s industry solutions in more detail. Mr. Zhang, Deputy General Manager of People’s Digital Technology Industry, talked about the Internet + Party Building Program under the new generation. Mr. Chen, General Manager of Newline Europe, and Mr. Yu, Deputy General Manager of the Regional Business Development Department, introduced some success stories from the European, American and Chinese markets. Mr. Zhang, General Manager of the Regional Business Development Department, introduced the channel policy of the Chinese market.

Mr. Zhang, Deputy General Manager of People’s Digital Technology Industry, talking about Party Building

2019 marks the first year of the Newline brand in the Chinese market. With a whole new product line-up, Newline will localize its operations with international advantages, focus on regional customers, and develop more emerging industries together with strong local partners, as well as leading products and solutions.


About Newline Interactive

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