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Port Arthur Independent School District, USA

For over 100 years, the Port Arthur Independent school district has focused on providing continued improvement to students in a rapidly growing area. Innovation, creativity and “hands on” activities help Port Arthur ISD meet their goals.


Port Arthur ISD needed an interactive panel that could increase student collaboration and add more hands-on learning to their curriculum. Primarily, they wanted a solution that would allow multiple pre-kindergarten students to touch and interact with lessons. Affordable pricing and customer support to help make the transition easier for teachers were also on their wish list for the perfect product.


After great recommendations, 22 TRUTOUCH interactive displays were distributed into libraries and classrooms across several schools. The non-proprietary nature of the TRUTOUCH allows teachers to use any software they prefer in their lessons. Combined with an anti-glare screen, the backlit LED provides industry-leading brightness and responsiveness that is as easy to interact with as a smart phone or tablet.


The TRUTOUCH interactive display brought state-of-the-art technology right into the classroom. Teachers were amazed at how responsive the TRUTOUCH was and how quickly students could start exploring content and drawing on the display. Students are more actively engaging in lessons and teachers are comfortable using the display, thanks to the easy-to-use TRUTOUCH and Newline’s top-notch customer support. Port Arthur looks forward to implementing more interactive displays in more classrooms in the years to come.