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PruittHealth, USA

PruittHealth is a regional leader in long-term health care in the Southeastern United States. They are committed to providing quality health care to their residents and encourage excellence from their medical staff through continuing professional development.


PruittHealth was looking for an all-in-one solution to replace their current cobbled together system that also lacked touch options. They wanted a system that simplified their process of whiteboarding and collaboration. The solution they chose also needed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for their residents who wanted to be able to contact and talk to their families by video-conference. With how often the system would be used, they wanted something that would require little to no training.


Multiple TRUTOUCH X5 unified collaboration systems were dispatched to the main facility, along with a TRUTOUCH X7 for the largest meeting room. The all-in-one integration of the TRUTOUCH X Series reduced the need for multiple devices that could overwhelm the staff. The 1080p wide angle cameras and the microphone array with echo reduction and noise cancellation technology gave doctors and nurses the ability to communicate clearly and quickly on video calls.


The easy collaboration designed into the TRUTOUCH X Series displays allowed nurses quick and easy access to doctors who could help treat patients. This instant communication helped the staff at PruittHealth to provide better care for their residences, where timely responses can be crucial. Because the devices are so easy to use, with little to no training needed before being able to fully interact with the displays, PruittHealth plans to install additional TRUTOUCH X5s and X7s across its network.