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Westhampton Beach School District, USA

Westhampton Beach School District leads the nation in 1-1 initiatives, putting iPads and Macbook Airs into the hands of their students for over 10 years, making it one of the longest running 1-1 programs in the country. The district dedicates itself to using evolving educational programs to better help support their students.


Westhampton Beach School district was looking for an interactive flat panel that would compliment their 1-1 Macbook initiative. They needed a flexible solution that would work with any device or software that they might use in lessons. Their search for their next IFP focused on finding a non-proprietary solution that was easy for students and teachers to use.


50 TRUTOUCH interactive displays were chosen to replace existing IFPs in classrooms and media centers across the district. TRUTOUCH responds to touch the same way as phone or tablets, making writing and touch smooth and familiar. The non-proprietary nature of the display allows Westhampton Beach to use any device and programs that work bests for their teachers and students.


The natural touch experience won over the teachers, making interacting with the screen intuitive and comfortable. Students and teachers could easily connect to the display using their device of choice quickly and easily. Teachers could integrate the TRUTOUCH into their daily lessons more reliably than their previous IFP, creating more active student engagement in the classroom.