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Saint Joseph’s College, USA

The Keith and Kate Robinson Memorial Library houses meeting rooms, a computer lab and study stations for students of Saint Joseph’s College. The college’s TV studio and Students Success Center are also part of the Library.


As colleges and universities move into an age of digital media, the Robinson Memorial Library wanted to find a new way to engage students and faculty into utilizing more active learning and blended learning techniques. The Library, which also houses the Student Success Center for the college, wanted to also have a tool to help students with self-directed learning, such as recording presentations for their online education portfolios.


A new TRUTOUCH 840 interactive display was dispatched, loaded with the award winning IdeaMax software to fill their conference room. Newline’s cutting edge touchscreen interfaces included internet access, annotation, printing, emailing and real-time recording from a single interactive screen. The TRUTOUCH easy-to-use displays offers new ways to engage faculty and staff for presentations, course lectures, technology workshops and webinars.


The Robinson Memorial Library has seen an increase in student interest and enthusiasm in the subject matter being taught (and curiosity in the new technology) during lectures and webinars that utilize the TRUTOUCH display. Both faculty and students respond positively to active learning techniques that involve more interactive elements. Students can easily record projects and presentations for their classes and the Library moves closer to completing its goal of driving more students to self-directed learning.

«In a generation that has grown up with the iPhone and touchscreen technologies, the TRUTOUCH interactive touchscreen make sense to students and they respond positively (and intuitively) to it.» -Tim Salm, Director, Robinson Memorial Library