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Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Located in Satakunta region, Finland, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) is an international high-grade university, hosts over 6,300 students and has five campuses to offer spacious learning and living environment. SAMK will have their new SAMK-campus in Pori downtown in 2017 autumn besides the existing five campuses in Pori, Rauma, Huittinen and Kankaanpää.

To create excellent learning condition in new campus, SAMK set a pilot classroom as a pre-test to be replicated. With brand new design layout of facility to encourage group discussion and interaction with flexibility, and also a complete solution of interactive classroom to get students more involved in class. Working with Newline’s local distributor, two TRUTOUCH 80 inches (TT-8014B) are installed in this pilot classroom.

Share ideas, present their work, and annotation become intuitive and simple by using TRUTOUCH. The eye-catching touch screens display clear image and vivid color in comparison to traditional projectors. Teachers and students can simply use their fingers or dummy pens to interact and collaborate, and experience numerous benefits TRUTOUCH brings. With high usability, anyone can interact with TRUTOUCH intuitively under their familiar Windows interface.

Newline TRUTOUCH sets up a successful model that implements true engaging learning for classrooms. It is as well an enhancement for school image as an outstanding university of technology. This solution will soon be replicated in all classrooms of SAMK’s new campus and make an impact.