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AURORA Group, China

AURORA Group was established in 1965. It focuses on office automation equipment, office furniture, communications, 3D printers, office cloud services and electronics. With more than 50 years of practical experience and more than 1,500 direct and distribution channels across Taiwan and China, AURORA provides customers with comprehensive service.


The trend of digitalization has been leading a transformation in corporate offices. Outdated projectors and telephones do not satisfy the corporation’s needs anymore. To enhance effective communication between all branches, a reliable collaborative solution is essential. As the leading innovative workspace firm, AURORA Group needed an integrated solution to create a new collaborative space, allowing everyone to work with flexibility and intelligent interaction.


AURORA Group found the perfect solution with the Newline PTC Series and RSC Series. The all-in-one interactive displays turn any office into a smart workspace with their security and ease of use. The Newline interactive displays were installed throughout the different spaces of the company to cover all their needs, from training rooms for filming courses and online interactive training, to the meeting room for remote conferences and recruitment.

Newline displays adopt advanced touch technology, offering a smooth and intuitive writing experience. With their non-proprietary nature, users can connect with any device without worrying about compatibility issues. Presenters can open any documents and videos, wirelessly cast content from their personal devices, and annotate over the content directly.


Newline interactive displays allow users to present and share content easily, which has improved the communication with customers and discussion among staff. Thanks to the remote conferencing capabilities, the marketing network of AURORA Group has become more connected. The Newline displays have reduced the cost of business trips and made operations more effective.

The interactive displays are suitable for a wide range of markets and applications, providing smart collaboration and video conferencing, building a new workspace and making collaboration more effective.