Presidential Palace, Indonesia

The Merdeka Palace is one of six presidential palaces in Indonesia, one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia. The palace is located on the north side of the Merdeka Square in Central Jakarta, the Indonesian capital. The Merdeka Palace is used as the official residence of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, making it one of the most important buildings in the entire country.


As there are six Presidential Palaces in Indonesia, effective communication between all the palaces is of utmost importance. The government of Indonesia must ensure that every palace is connected and up to date with the President’s schedules and meeting agenda.

In order to stay connected, the Merdeka Palace needed a more intuitive and advanced solution to carry out the discussions of the President’s schedules and video conferences among all the Presidential Palaces.

The Merdeka Palace wanted something that was, above all, easy for anyone to use. A large part of the staff of the Presidential Palaces is not knowledgeable in advanced technology, meaning a simple and intuitive solution was necessary. Additionally, prospective users wanted a large 4K screen with clear, high-resolution image quality to ensure presentations and notes were seen from anywhere in the room, no matter how large the room. However, the need for touch capability narrowed down their options.


After considering many brands and what each one could offer in terms of features, ease of use, and device compatibility, the Merdeka Palace put their trust in Newline’s X Series. They chose the X9, an all-in-one Unified Collaboration interactive display that incorporates all the tools needed for collaboration and video conferencing, so no other equipment is required.

The X9 is an optically bonded display that allows users at the Presidential Palace to see images in bright colors and clear resolution. Even with touch capability, the quality of the 4K resolution is not affected.

As an all-in-one solution, the X9 comes with two built-in cameras, a microphone array, and powerful speakers that allow video, voice and sound to be picked up no matter where you are seated in the room. Sound and human voice is delivered clearly, even to those sitting further in the back or hard of hearing. This means that a single X9 display is enough to meet the needs of an entire large conference room. The X9 suits rooms of any size for daily discussion, video conferencing, whiteboarding, strategic decision making and file sharing.

The non-proprietary nature of the X9 lets users work whichever way they find most comfortable. With a built-in Windows/Android dual system, the staff at the Presidential Palaces can work with the intuitive Android system, or switch to the Windows PC and work with a familiar interface and all their favorite programs. Users can access the World Clock with a single touch and keep up with schedules anywhere in the world. They can also take advantage of Newline’s Interactive Ecosystem software lineup, which includes Newline Cast, Newline Broadcast and Newline Display Management. Casting and sharing content wirelessly is made fast and easy, and all displays can be managed from a single desktop.


The incorporation of the X9 in the Merdeka Palace has made a big positive impact. Daily meetings attended by all major ministers and local government officials are made easier and more productive with the X9.

The attendees can wirelessly cast content from their personal devices or broadcast the interactive display content to users both in the room and outside of it. These capabilities are used during every meeting while the President sits at the back of the room, from where he can easily see the content both on the display and on his tablet.

The built-in Android whiteboard is used for daily discussions and intuitive annotation. Images can be inserted into the whiteboard and easily discussed, while attendees annotate over the images with the President’s schedule plans and routes.

Users are also very impressed with the advanced InGlass™ touch technology of the X9, which provides an incredible writing experience. Intelligent Object Recognition allows presenters and other users to seamlessly touch, write, and erase content on the board without needing any proprietary tools, only a finger.


“I’ve never seen a touchscreen with this kind of image quality. Usually a touchscreen will have a double layer of images when you stand at an angle. Writing on this screen feels like I am writing on paper, and writing, erasing and touch are just very simple. With a single click I can go to Windows, and start our daily video conferencing, and I can annotate on any files such as videos or photos.”

-Minister at the Presidential Palace


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Name: Presidential Palace
Industry: Public Sector
Country: Indonesia
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