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Vaasavi International School, India

Vaasavi International School is an educational center for kids located in Puducherry, India. The school’s main vision is to impart quality education to all children through opportunities to discover, explore and experiment with hands-on material. Vaasavi International School strives to prepare the kids for global challenges while maintaining the rich culture, morals and values of India.


The school needed a solution which would help the teachers carry out engaging. Vaasavi International School was looking for an interactive display which would enable a lively curriculum for all ages, practical in approach, with innovative methods associated with a global standard.


Vaasavi International School turned to Newline to help the school thrive with its innovative line of interactive displays. The school installed a TRUTOUCH RS Series 65” display in the classroom, an interactive display that is both easy to install and easy to use. No other devices needed to be integrated, as the Newline display provided an all-in-one solution for teachers to carry out their classes.


After installing the Newline display in the classroom, it has been used by multiple teachers for different lessons. The display makes it easy for teachers to carry out lessons in ways that are much more productive and engaging for students. Students are now able to actively interact with both the teacher and the display beyond asking and answering questions, and the display allows multiple students to interact with it at the same time for more effective teamwork.

The benefits that the TRUTOUCH RS display brings apply to all grades and disciplines. The staff enjoys its ease of use as they seamlessly open and save different types of files, annotate over any content, and interact with different educational programs to get the most out of every lesson.


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