Vivekananda Educational Trust, India

Vivekananda Educational Trust, India

Vivekananda Educational Trust is an educational center in Chennai, India which works on value-based, child-centered and activity-oriented education.


The staff at Vivekananda Educational Trust was using projectors with interactive whiteboards, an uncomfortable and outdated setup for a modern classroom environment. The teachers experienced frequent calibration problems during their lessons with shadows on the board and unclear images. Furthermore, all the cables needed to connect the peripherals to the PC hovered around the classroom, compromising the safety of the students and the staff.

In order to provide a better learning environment and adapt to the advancement of the latest educational technology, the school knew they needed to upgrade their classroom setup with a more engaging and interactive solution.


With the help of Newline, Vivekananda Educational Trust installed a total of 18 TRUTOUCH RS Series interactive displays in 65” across its 7 branches. As Newline provides an all-in-one solution, no other devices needed to be installed with the displays.

Furthermore, because each student in Vivekananda Educational Trust is provided with a laptop starting in 6th grade, the school trusted Newline interactive displays to help maximize the benefits of digital learning. With wireless casting and presenting capabilities, the RS Series displays were the best choice for an optimal usage of all learning resources.


After incorporating the Newline TRUTOUCH RS Series displays into their classrooms, Vivekananda Educational Trust was delighted to find that the students were able to grasp lessons a lot faster and more efficiently. The staff easily modified the curriculum to center around the RS Series display, which maximized interactive and digital teamwork among students and with the teachers.

The display, which works both with Windows and Android, is easy for the teachers to use and meets all their teaching needs. On Windows, teachers don’t need to worry about connecting external PCs to use all their favorite educational programs. With Android, the whiteboard feature is always a click away.

Teachers frequently cast content onto the display, wirelessly and easily, to share lesson material. They also benefit from improved lesson planning and productivity. Having installed the TRUTOUCH RS Series in their classrooms, the school has found that the interactive way of teaching benefits teachers and students alike.


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