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University of Central Missouri, USA

The University of Central Missouri focuses on providing an education that prepares students for the future. Through hands on learning initiatives and state-of-the-art equipment, UCM seeks to transform students into life-long learners.


After 10 years of using white boards and projectors, the University of Central Missouri wanted to refresh their classrooms, specifically the ones used for Math and Computer Science courses. UCM needed something that would allow their students to be more engaged and hands-on in class, while also being easy for instructors and professors to use.


UCM installed several TRUTOUCH interactive displays across their campus. The built-in whiteboarding software makes annotating over documents simple, while providing a touch experience that is fluid and smooth. With up to 10 points of touch, a group of students could collaborate together directly on the screen. The on-board computer gave teachers all the power of a desktop and let IT staff securely image the display just like the other computers on campus.


The open collaboration design of the TRUTOUCH displays brought UCM’s Math and Computer Science courses to a new level of teaching, allowing them to do everything they needed digitally. Recording features within the TRUTOUCH also helped distance learners by letting professors better record their lessons and annotations without having to attach several external devices. TRUTOUCH made learning more engaging, more efficient, and more active in classrooms across University of Central Missouri.