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Asian College of Journalism, India

Asian College of Journalism is a Journalism school in Chennai, India. The aim of the Asian College Journalism Bloomberg Program is to foster a generation of newsperson, trained and educated to use the tools of an integrated newsperson and the information and analysis available through the highly-acclaimed Bloomberg terminal, to deliver high-quality journalism for the print, television, radio, and digital new media by combining text, image, video, audio and the interactive potential of the Internet.


  • Need for comprehensive newsroom training for media students using collaboration tools.
  • Need for conferencing facilities to liaise with media students from other institutions.
  • Need to share data and annotation in addition to video and voice.


TRUTOUCH UB series 86” interactive displays are installed the classroom.

    • Allows a truly collaborative experience for media students to share their thoughts and ideas on current affairs.
    • Allows students to get hands on training to do presentations using live examples and role plays.
    • First of its kind BYOD Device – Support for Multiple Devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops.


“Newline’s UB 86 TRUTOUCH Interactive Displays have revolutionized the way we train our future media and journalism students. Students can now practice on various media presentations and newsroom activities in a classroom kind of environment which will help them to boost their skills when they are on the field. The truly collaborative experience offered by Newline displays has fostered an environment of healthy debates on current affairs amongst our students further enabling them to gain valuable journalistic skills. A must have for all media colleges!“

-Mr. Askar