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Find out how interactive displays are driving telework

Did you know that telework is a form of performing work, using information technology, in the context of an employment relationship, where work is carried out away from the employer’s premises, on a regular basis? This kind of work is increasingly present in public and private organizations around the world. Cost savings, ease of reconciliation, less travel time and reduction of pollution generated by means of transport are some of the advantages of teleworking.

For employees to be able to carry out their work from anywhere need a computer and Internet access. If all the members of the team have these tools, the work can be done in a dynamic and collaborative way as it would be done from the office.

There is no better computer model for teleworking but without a doubt interactive monitors add to the advantages of corporations over traditional models. This is due to the fact that besides allowing Internet access, videoconferences and the usual programs, it also offers the possibility of sharing screens, making notes on documents, sending information with the modifications applied to such different contents as texts or videos, etc.

By incorporating interactive screens, corporations can opt for teleworking by ensuring permanent collaboration between those in the office and those who connect remotely. The information will flow naturally allowing everyone involved to be on the same page, continue or undertake team tasks and achieve the expected results.

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