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University of South Florida, USA

The University of South Florida is a global research university whose mission is to foster intellectual development in all undergraduate, graduate and professional program students.


The University of South Florida is a large university with over 49,000 students and over 1,700 faculty members. Their administration offices wanted a collaboration system that would allow them to meet more efficiently and make video-conferencing easier. Professors wanted a teaching tool in their classrooms that left them free to use whatever software that they might want or need, and wouldn’t limit their ability to teach their lectures.


Multiple TRUTOUCH X7s and TRUTOUCH X5 unified collaboration systems were integrated into the administration offices and into classrooms across campus. The all-in-one units with built-in wide-angle cameras and echo cancelling microphones gave clear picture and sound to video-conferences. And the non-proprietary nature of the TRUTOUCH X Series lets the professors and administration team teach and collaborate without any restrictions.


Collaboration and meeting efficiency increased inside the administration office using the TRUTOUCH X Series interactive displays. Whiteboarding and video-conferencing was easy and intuitive, requiring little to no training. Professors had access to all of their files stored on the powerful on-board computers that gave them full access to all of their Microsoft Office files and other programs. The University of South Florida plans to integrate even more TRUTOUCH X Series displays on campus in the future.