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UPITE Consulting, Spain

UPITE is a multi-national consulting firm, specialized in the identification and implementation of recommendations aimed at improving the profitability of Retail Banking and Consumer Finance products.


UPITE needed to update their meeting space with the advanced unified communications solution. They used to have a standard whiteboard in the main meeting room, but an outdated whiteboard could not provide the best impression to their clients (financial entities) as a professional consulting firm. Meanwhile, as a multi-national company, videoconferencing function was certainly a must to communicate efficiently with other branches. As UPITE was using Skype for Business and Zoom, the solution had to be compatible with the software as well.


Newline TRUTOUCH X7 and TRUCAST were swiftly implemented in their main meeting room because of X7’s competitive pricing and versatile abilities. The embedded cameras and microphones in X7 delivered high quality video and audio while videoconferencing. TRUTOUCH X series non-proprietary nature also allowed users to install any preferred software and application under Windows system.


The team in UPITE Consulting found it easier to collaborate with team members and communicate faster with their clients. The all-in-one solution with elegant look also helped to improve the overall image of the company. With the intuitive embedded system and the familiar Windows, everyone could simply walk into the meeting room and start collaborating without training needed.