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World Courier, Spain

World Courier is a global specialty logistics company that designs world-class logistics and supply chain programs in complete alignment with its customers’ business goals. Pharmaceutical companies rely on World Courier because they value the peace of mind that comes with unsurpassed knowledge, global reach and flawless supply chain execution. Each trusted partnership the company forms with a customer is deeply rooted in their shared vision of improving global health. With 2,000+ associates in more than 140 offices across the globe, World Courier offers solutions that instill confidence in the on-time, on-temperature delivery of critical products.


To upgrade a meeting room with the right tools for training programs, videoconference and collaboration activities. World Courier needed a tool that contained all different tools to work in collaborations, easy to work with, easy to use and with a simple installation.

World Courier was looking for an “all in one” solution that allowed them to work wirelessly, interactively and following the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) roll.


As per the indications of their headquarters, they were looking for the best known “all in one” solution in the market sold by an American software multinational and the only one in the market similar to the Newline X Series. The X7 has been designed to be open for most of the software of the market adapting itself to any customer needs. Although the other solution was well-known for them, the price range was a big issue. Also, it was a closed solution conceived and designed for their own software. The X7 is the solution they chose to upgrade their Huddle Space, as they needed an adaptable and easy to use device, with the cameras located in the most suitable place.


It has been installed in their meeting room with a wall mount and completed with a TRUCAST 2 wireless transmitter system. It is being used by all the teams for collaborative work. Their BYOD and interactive and wireless work needs, have been all covered successfully.