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Workafella, India

A part of the Workenstein Group, Workafella provides workspace solutions to corporate clients. With a presence in major cities, Workafella is a leading name in the emerging business center market in India.


Workafella’s first business center located in Chennai, India, serves corporate customers from various fields such as Finance, IT, and Accounting. They needed to eliminate the need for projectors, audio system, projector screens and move themselves forward to a state-of-the-art technology set up. For their 15-seater meeting room, the business center was looking for an impressive unified collaboration experience that could easily share data and annotation. They wanted to use this solution not only in their meeting room but also use it as a holistic conferencing solution for their clients.


Newline’s TRUTOUCH X7 was installed in the business center meeting room. The X7 is an all-in-one conferencing solution, with two built in wide angle cameras, two 15W speaker, and echo cancellation microphone array. With built in Windows PC and android backbone, the X7 is compatible with every UC software in the market.


The one stop video conferencing and collaboration solution allows employees to quickly start a meeting. X7’s capacitive touch glass with scratch proof technology provide seamless writing experience on the screen. Annotation on video, webpage, slides, and saving the annotation with one button was made possible. The X7 is capable of supporting multi devices and truly plug & play feature allows everyone to bring their own device (BYOD) to join the meeting.

“Newline’s X7 TRUTOUCH interactive display has simplified our meeting room dynamics with plug and play features. The all-in-one conferencing solution has reduced our meeting room operation costs by cutting down on additional investment in projectors, audio systems etc. our clients in our business center have benefitted immensely from the immersive collaboration experience that the device has offered them. I would recommend this product to all business centers looking to upgrade their meeting rooms!” – Mr. Vinod. Country Head, Workafella Business Center.