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Henry County School System, USA

Tennessee’s Henry County School System strives to help all students achieve success in a learning environment that is competitive, and is supported by professional staff, student families, and the community.


Teachers and students rarely used the projectors and interactive whiteboards in their classrooms. Between the complexity of using the technology and having to use proprietary software, Henry County School System decided it was time for a change. They needed a solution that was simple for teachers to use, and would give them freedom to use the educational tools they preferred.


TRUTOUCH interactive displays replaced the old projector and whiteboard systems in several classrooms. The TRUTOUCH is designed with ease of use in mind and requires little to no training to interact with effectively and efficiently. Being a non-proprietary touchscreen, TRUTOUCH let teachers use the tools they were comfortable with already, without having to learn a new system.


Thanks to the simplicity of the TRUTOUCH interactive display, work order tickets decreased to a minimum since teachers could easily get the display up and running for class. By integrating the multi-touch display in everyday classroom lessons, Henry County School System got more students and teachers working together in an interactive education environment.