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Lawton Public Schools, USA

Eisenhower Middle School is the oldest secondary school in Lawton, Oklahoma. They are dedicated to providing a safe, stimulating environment for their students, and educate approximately 1,000 ethnically diverse students in grades six through eight.


Eisenhower Middle School wanted to incorporate outside learning resources to better prepare their students for the future, where technology is constantly growing. Their teachers use a variety of methods to educate their students, ranging from more traditional teaching methods to utilizing cutting-edge technology to emphasize their lessons. However, the available technology was falling behind and some of the staff members were hesitant to embrace learning all new hardware and software.


Four 65-inch TRUTOUCH interactive displays were dispatched, loaded with the award winning IdeaMax software to Eisenhower Middle School. Newline’s cutting edge touchscreen interfaces included internet access, mapping, annotation, printing, emailing and video conferencing from a single interactive screen. The TRUTOUCH easy-to-use displays would offer new opportunities for remediation and differentiated instruction.


Eisenhower Middle School saw an increase in their STEM-related classes and improvement in their students’ career-ready skills. The opportunity to work with and learn on the TRUTOUCH interactive displays provides an invaluable asset to student’s educational growth. Collaboration and student engagement has increased, allowing teachers to expand their learning resources easily and without fear. The staff at Eisenhower Middle School can now better prepare their students to reach their potential.

“I have been absolutely blown away by the quality and features of the product… Adding the TRU system capabilities to our classroom has made a lasting, permanent and positive impact on the educational experience at our school,” said Steve Doughty, Assistant Principal.