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National Flight Academy, USA

The National Flight Academy was founded to foster meaningful education programs for youth and adults. Their mission is to inspire students to seek out more challenging courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.


While designing a new immersive, educational experience, the National Flight Academy was looking for an easy way to display the interactive maps needed for their training simulation program. They required displays which were large enough and clear enough to show all of the finite details necessary for the students to complete their assigned missions.


28 TRUTOUCH interactive displays were setup inside several rooms, including the control room and the map room. With an 84 inch screen size, and an anti-glare LED screen, students could easily and clearly interact with each display to follow flight simulations and plot ship and aircraft movements.


The visual experience of those attending National Flight Academy educational programs greatly improved thanks to the touch interaction and the high-definition quality of the TRUTOUCH displays. Students stayed engaged throughout the programs, utilizing the interactive displays in each step of their mission.

“The 28 Newline touchscreens have been instrumental in setting the immersive tone at the National Flight Academy. Our students depend on these touchscreens as they plan, brief and coordinate each of their “missions”. During the 2017 Summer, over 1,600 students used these 28 Newline touchscreens and the National Flight Academy has been extremely pleased with their performance.”- John O’Hara, Director of Technology