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Shopping Center, India

One of the biggest shopping centers in Delhi, India, offering their customers a chic place for shopping, dining, and entertainment.


The client needed a more interactive and collaborative tool for their boardroom. Projectors and regular whiteboards were too outdated for the advances in technology that they strive to obtain for their Board of Directors meetings. They required an UC solution that enables interaction and collaboration with state-of-the-art technology. Users can connect with any kind of gadgets which they own. Initially client preferred to use Polycom VC and normal touch overlay for display. However, the touch overlay was not compatible with MAC.


TRUTOUCH 86” display (TT-8616UB) was installed in their boardroom, along with Newline’s wireless presentation solution TRUCAST 3 and TRUSHARE, as well as Polycom VC created a state-of-the-art solution, provide collaboration with image mapping, annotation, printing, emailing and more. Newline’s cutting-edge 4K interactive display enables a simple one touch videoconference through programs like Skype and WebEx, also saving annotation note images drawn during the meetings. Newline’s TRUCAST and TRUSHARE presentation fulfilled the concept of BYOD (Bring your own device) thereby enabling users to bring in their own devices for flexible and easy set up.


Collaboration became more simplified and flexible than before. Meetings can start as soon as the users walk into the boardroom. The team utilizes the full features of Newline’s solution for both local meeting and videoconferencing. With TRUCAST and TRUSHARE, users can simply bring their own device and present their screen without cable connection thereby preventing cable clutter. Guest are able to project wirelessly with a simple plug and click using TRUSHARE without any additional software installation. The non-proprietary nature of TRUTOUCH and TRUCAST allow users to use Windows PC, MAC, iOS, and Android device to connect. The new solution in boardroom has increased team engagement and productivity during meetings.