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PlainsCapital Bank, USA

PlainsCapital Bank strives to lead the financial services industry by building enduring relationships and helping their customers, employees, and communities flourish.


PlainsCapital Bank has a branch office in every major city in Texas, with executives scattered throughout the state. Rather than spend time and money constantly traveling, they needed a video-conferencing system that let them collaborate from their main offices. Many solutions required proprietary programs and did not allow the team at PlainsCapital Bank to use their preferred WebEx software. The IT team also wanted to make sure conferencing was secured to protect their client’s sensitive information.


A TRUTOUCH X7 Unified Collaboration system installed in their main board room allowed PlainsCapital Bank more collaborative access for both internal and external meetings. The 1080p wide angle cameras and the microphone array with echo cancellation and noise reduction technology gave their meetings a clarity that helped aide communication with their customers, their shareholders, and their executives across Texas.


Thanks to the TRUTOUCH X7’s ease of use, PlainsCapital Bank has seen more efficiency in meetings and has been able to maintain strong relationships with its executives, staff, standalone offices, and shareholders. The added security of the all-in-one non-proprietary collaboration system gives their IT department complete control over securing their sensitive information. As more branches open across Texas, the team at PlainsCapital Bank plans to incorporate TRUTOUCH X5s and X7s to their offices for quick and easy collaborative meetings.