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Pioneer Natural Resources, USA

Pioneer Natural Resources is on a mission to be America’s leading independent energy company, with a focus on value, the environment and technology. Communication, ethics, safety, and teamwork all combine to make Pioneer successful.


From in-house meetings in their conference room to meetings with offices all across Texas and Colorado, Pioneer Natural Resources needed a solution that made communication easy and clear for all parties involved. Distance was one of the major challenges, as teams from different offices had to be able to work together. The next solution for their conference room setup would need to provide better collaboration, using technology that was easy for anyone to use.


TRUTOUCH X Series Unified Collaboration Systems were integrated into the conference rooms at Pioneer. With built-in 1080p cameras and noise reducing microphones, TRUTOUCH X Series provides clear quality picture and sound for everyone in the meeting, no matter where they are. Designed to be simple and effortless to use, the TRUTOUCH X Series reacts to touch the same way a tablet or smartphone does, while the built-in computer lets you do everything you can normally do on a desktop.


The simplicity of the TRUTOUCH X Series immediately made a difference. Collaborating during in-house engineering and design meetings was smooth and intuitive, giving Pioneer all the functionality of a desktop computer on a single interactive display. The high quality of audio and video during video conferences reduced communication errors and increased the team’s overall efficiency across all offices.