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Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, USA

The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office works with law enforcement officials and citizens to create a safe and secure environment. Their goal is to ensure the effective, efficient and uniform enforcement and prosecution of the criminal laws and the administration of criminal justice throughout Ocean County.


Sending and sharing vital data from interviews used to be a more archaic process. Everything documented had to be burned to a CD-ROM and physically driven to the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, taking time, resources, and slowing down the process of achieving justice for victims, usually children. The Special Victims Unit needed a solution that would help them better communicate with the Prosecutor’s Office, relieving their resources to keep fighting crime.


A TRUTOUCH X5 was installed in a conference room, with video feeds connecting to two interview rooms. Being an all-in-one unit, they did not need to purchase separate equipment. The X5’s built-in 1080p cameras and echocancellation microphones provide clear video and sound for their documentation. With a powerful on-board computer, SVU could quickly and easily send notes, recordings, and other files directly to the Prosecutor’s Office, without having to drive it over themselves.


Speeding up communication between prosecutors, detectives, and other law enforcement personnel brought positive change for the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office. Being able to video call their team and send documentation faster allowed the Prosecutor’s Office to more efficiently determine whether a suspect should be prosecuted with further legal action, or if they should be released. Hearing interviews and sharing data in real time lets the team be more efficient, and helps get suspects off the streets quicker, giving victims closure.