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Stinnett & Associates, USA

Stinnett & Associates is a management consulting firm that helps businesses maximize their value by managing their risks and improve their overall performance by operating better, smarter, and faster.


With several offices across Texas and Oklahoma, Stinnett & Associates needed a way to stay in touch with all of their different locations efficiently and easily, since driving back and forth for meetings was costly and time-consuming. They wanted a device that was easy to use for anyone and that was non-proprietary for anyone to use the software of their choice. As a consulting firm, their team also had to make sure that their solution would be secure to protect the sensitive information of their clients.


Multiple TRUTOUCH X5 and X7 unified collaboration systems were installed in multiple Stinnett & Associate offices. With the 1080p wide-angle cameras and 4-element microphone array built directly into the display, the all-in-one collaboration system gave the team at Stinnett & Associates clear picture and sound during video conferences with their multiple branches. The powerful on-board computer allows each office to store meeting notes and important files and share easily from a single button.


Communication between each of branch of Stinnett & Associates increased, as meetings became more efficient interacting with the TRUTOUCH X Series displays. Having an easy to use touchscreen option for their internal meetings reduced the need for time-consuming training and lets the team at Stinnett & Associates get right to work from the moment they walk into the room. As the consulting firm expands and builds more offices, they have made the TRUTOUCH X Series the standard collaboration device.