Capital City Ford, New Zealand

Capital City Ford is a multiple award-winning dealership that is proud to have been serving the Wellington region since 1923. Capital City Ford is proud of its long history and the strong links they have developed in the community over the years.


Car dealers usually have car specifications listed on the internet and printed on hard copies, which current and potential customers find boring. Capital City Ford wanted to have an interactive display which can serve as digital signage and double as an interactive tool for the sales representatives to pitch to the customers. The car dealership wanted to demonstrate the latest or soon-to-be-launched cars in 3D with the interactive display, as the physical car may not be available for show yet.

To present their vehicle profiles and promotions in a more engaging and interactive way, Capital City Ford was hoping to find an innovative solution which would meet all of their needs and be easy to use at the same time.


Capital City Ford found the Newline VN Series interactive display to be the perfect solution. Installed in 65” in the showroom of the dealership in the New Zealand capital of Wellignton, the VN Series satisfied all the needs of the car dealership.

The Optical Bonding technology of the 4K UHD display means the VN Series serves perfectly as a digital signage screen. It can be seen clearly from anywhere in the room with an ultra-wide viewing angle and minimal reflection. It is also a powerful interactive tool for the sales representatives to interact intuitively with the customers on the display.

The VN Series, installed with a powerful on-board OPS PC running on Windows, allows the Capital City Ford showroom to store all the vehicle specifications and advertisement material directly on the PC for sales representatives to pull up at any time. Management can also use the built-in whiteboard for discussion during weekly sales meetings. When the display is not in use, it plays promotional videos as a digital signage application.


Capital City Ford is very pleased with the Newline VN Series interactive display.

Visitors to the showroom are able to interact intuitively with the display, having a more engaging experience while choosing the cars they are interested in and viewing the photos of the cars in 4K resolution.

Cars not yet launched can still be presented to interested customers in 3D with the VN Series. This allows customers to get a better idea of what the interior of the car looks like, as well as the exterior and engine compartment. When discussing pricing or specifications with the customers, sales representatives can switch to the built-in whiteboard with a single click and annotate over any content.

While the VN Series is not in use, it plays promotional videos. The optically bonded display gives crystal-clear, sharp images for viewers to truly appreciate every detail.

“The Newline VN Series 65” is definitely more than just a TV. It is in fact not a TV; it serves so many purposes which help us with sales pitches and marketing, which a normal consumer TV can never achieve. And the writing experience is awesome.” -Sales Managers from the Wellington Branch

Customer Profile

Name: Capital City Ford
Industry: Automotive
Country: New Zealand
Solution: VN Series