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Benefits of video conferencing, welcome to the New Norm

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has caused new technologies to be your perfect ally during this stage of confinement. While we have experienced a forced shutdown from the outside, the digital world has become even more important to us. Companies, education establishments, and society continue routinely thanks to the adoption of technological resources: Internet, computers, software, cloud services & videoconferencing tools.

During these months, professionals, teachers and students have been forced to change their daily routine. Videoconference’s are one of the most popular resources these days & thanks to them we can continue working, learning and communicating, without causing risk due to our social activities.

There are many tools to connect through a touch screen, and they all offer benefits that should be considered:

  • Cost reduction – The travel expenses are reduced for the employees & the corporation.
  • Anytime, anywhere – You only need a screen with Internet access to connect. Videoconference’s make the workday more flexible and can complement family life.
  • Avoid contact – Replacing physical meetings with virtual ones allows you to preserve the health of those involved by dispensing with mass meetings.
  • Saves time – During confinement many have noticed that meetings by videoconference are more efficient. Waiting time for attendees is reduced and topics are dealt with more directly. They serve for much more than just holding meetings, as they encourage the creation of collaborative digital spaces where people can interact, share ideas, documents, make notes in real time & hold simultaneous conversations.
  • For professionals and students – Videoconferencing goes beyond the business environment, whether public or private. In addition to the advantages of incorporating it into the work dynamic of any organization, this resource also stands out in education establishments.

The “new normal” will encompass smaller face-to-face meetings to avoid unnecessary travels and allow connection remotely with participants that are in different offices or meeting rooms.

Welcome to the New Norm!