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Houston Community College, USA

Houston Community College is an open-admission, public higher education institution that offers a state-of-the-art, affordable education for academic advancement, workforce training, and lifelong learning. HCC strives to be a leader in providing high quality and innovative education.


HCC was looking to upgrade their conference rooms and facility with interactive displays. Their new solution would need to be something that was so easy to use that anyone could interact with the display without needing a tech to be present. Different organizations on campus used the conference rooms, and each group used different programs to get their work done, so any solution would need to be able to run many types of software and connect to multiple devices. The Chancellor’s office in particular was looking for a display that would make conferencing between campuses easier than ever.


Starting in the Chancellor’s office, HCC brought in several TRUTOUCH X Series Unified Collaboration Systems. With built-in 1080p cameras and a 4-element microphone array, the TRUTOUCH X Series is an all-in-one videoconferencing system that removes the hassle of adding equipment to a display. HCC also set up several TRUTOUCH FB Series interactive displays in offices across campus. These displays, like the TRUTOUCH X Series, were completely non-proprietary, allowing each office to use their preferred programs for productivity. Both displays are designed to be easy for anyone to walk up and start interacting.


TRUTOUCH has spread throughout HCC and is now used in the Chancellor’s office, Vice Chancellor’s office, Human Resources, Training, and IT departments. The TRUTOUCH X series facilitates better communication across all of HCC’s campuses. HR uses the built-in videoconferencing tools when interviewing potential students and faculty. Training utilizes the TRUTOUCH FB Series in their classroom training programs. All departments love that they can use their specific software on the same display, and how easy the display is to interact with. Communication across campus has greatly improved thanks to TRUTOUCH.