National Financial Crime Center, Malaysia

National Financial Crime Center, Malaysia

The National Financial Crime Center, NFCC for short, is an initiative under the National Anti-Corruption Plan 2019-2023 (NACP) launched by the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The NFCC is part of the Malaysian government’s continued effort to combat financial crimes more thoroughly.


The people that make up NFCC are constantly communicating and collaborating to fight financial crimes. In order to maximize efficiency, the NFCC was looking for an AV solution tailored to meet all their specific collaborative needs. The center wanted the latest and most innovative technology to ensure that communication runs smoothly. It was a priority for everyone in the facility to find it easy to use and helpful in all their daily tasks.

The center needed a comprehensive solution that would equip every room with all the tools necessary for officials, visitors and remote participants to interact easily and seamlessly. They looked for an option that would be easy to maintain and a good investment for long-term collaboration.


The National Financial Crime Center put their trust in the Newline RS Series 86” interactive display. The RS Series was installed with a microphone and camera to add video conferencing capabilities to the multifunctional display. With 4K UHD resolution and intelligent Object Recognition, the RS Series is the perfect solution for smooth interaction and seamless collaboration.

The Newline RS Series display, being non-proprietary, is completely compatible with the customized software developed by internal intelligence officials at the NFCC. The staff at the center can work intuitively with their own software or choose from the variety of built-in tools and gadgets provided.


Incorporating the RS Series into the daily routine at NFCC has made a big, positive change for all of the staff. The Newline display is used every day to present important information gathered from around the country in the data center. Users can present with intuitive gestures and annotate over any content for quick and productive meetings. Attendees can see the screen and all of the details presented clearly.

The RS Series display is also used daily for mapping, cross-checking information and brainstorming. Documents can easily be opened on the display to be edited and shared with all attendees. Meeting notes can be saved in PDF format for future reference, sent to anyone who needs them, and reopened at a later date to restart an investigation.

“The special investigation officials are completely satisfied with the new solution as it definitely helps improve efficiency in their investigation. Secondly, it helps to improve the presentation as all equipment now works seamlessly with each other. Furthermore, it’s all paperless.” –Special investigation officer, IT coordinator.