Perfect integration for teamwork.

Upgrade your workspace and help your team collaborate faster, easier, better. Newline’s corporate solutions make meetings more effective so your company can focus on brainstorming good ideas and immediately get to work putting them into action.

Collaborate with anyone, anywhere

Everything you need for videoconferencing is ready, all in one single interactive display.


Interact without limit

Use the two-way whiteboard to share your ideas. Whether working in the same room or connected remotely, everyone can be involved.

Organize your team meeting schedule with ease

Business Calendar helps you easily manage meeting room availability and schedule all your team meetings. Manage the calendar from both the display and your PC.

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Lose the cables, not the connection

Eliminate the clutter in your meeting room. Use TRUCAST Express to share your screen wirelessly from any device. Up to 4 users can cast their screen at once.

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Your business relies on collaboration to thrive.
Newline makes it possible in ways you never imagined.

“When you start going over their accounts and you actually get up and start moving things around,
hit a button and switch to another screen and draw out what you’re talking about
so they can see exactly how it interacts with what they’re trying to do… it’s pretty powerful.”

-Tom Eifler, President, Eifler Advisory Group, US