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Newline Reaches 2 Million Users In Its Eighth Year

Newline hits a milestone in serving 2 million product end users to date

PLANO, TX – October 7, 2020 –

After eight years of consistent growth, Newline celebrates hitting the 2 million users milestone. With a focus on ease of use and non-proprietary design, Newline Interactive products serve over 2 million users in the K-12, Higher Education, Corporate, and State/Local Government spaces in the United States.

Reaching this milestone has reminded the large format and interactive displays company that it has a strong and loyal base of customers. This large volume of people using Newline products illustrates the trust and satisfaction of the Newline mission from Chris Bradford and Kevin Wang.

“We are thankful to all of our customers who are dedicated to the brand and continued growth of the Newline family,” said Chris Bradford, President at Newline Interactive. “This is not just a milestone for our company. We also congratulate our customers who made this happen within the Newline network.”

Newline Interactive adds this accomplishment to a host of nearly 30 prestigious awards over the past six years in the areas of leadership, product excellence, and company growth. Newline continues to strive to innovate within the industry in the years to come.


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