SCTV, Indonesia

SCTV, Indonesia

SCTV is an Indonesian free-to-air television network. It launched in August 1990 in Surabaya, Indonesia under the name Surabaya Citra Televisi, broadcasting mainly to the city and its surrounding area.


SCTV recently set up a new Live Broadcast Studio and needed a reliable interactive display to keep up with all the live content. The television network wanted an interactive display which could be used seamlessly for live news streaming, broadcasting and weather forecasting.

To do all this, SCTV required a display with an appealing design and high image quality that matched their standards. The television network hoped to find an all-in-one solution which would meet all their needs and satisfy their reporters.


After considering six different brands and doing a full month of tests, SCTV found the perfect solution in the Newline RS Series. SCTV tested the Newline display for a total of two months and found that it passed all the tests.

Even after being turned on all day long, the RS Series display functioned reliably without any problems. Despite being such a large screen, it offered the best combination of features among all of its competitors for a powerful multifunctional solution.

An RS Series display in 98” was permanently installed in the center of the new Live Broadcast Studio. Reporters chose the RS Series display for its ease of use and smooth touch experience.


The RS Series display is used daily by the news and weather forecast reporters during live broadcasts. Reporters don’t have to worry about changing between pens, highlighters and erasers during the nerve-wrecking live broadcast thanks to the intelligent Object Recognition feature. The RS Series differentiates fingers, styluses and palms, then reacts as a marker, thin pen, or eraser for an easy an intuitive writing experience.

Before the live broadcast starts, the camera crew use the built-in whiteboard for task distribution and script discussion. With on-screen annotation, anybody using the display can easily write and draw over any content without interrupting the flow of the discussion.

With the on-board OPS PC, all staff can access the familiar Windows system to work with the software of their choice. With the blue light filter providing smart eye protection, all users can protect their eyes while using the display for extended periods of time.

“The smart eye protection and Object Recognition features really help me a lot when I am using this giant display. I look at screens all day, so when I am discussing on the RS Series, I have the smart eye protection mode on. It’s very smooth and easy on my eyes, and the image quality is just amazing.” An evening weather forecast reporter.

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