Solnaturaleza, Spain

Solnaturaleza, Spain

Solnaturaleza is an advanced nutrition and healthy diet center in Spain. It is a place for people’s well-being, specialized in personalized consulting to help anybody become healthier by focusing on a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


The company was looking for a multi-functional device that would make the daily work of employees at Solnaturaleza easy. They needed to give presentations, conferences, courses and events in a more efficient and engaging way. Solnaturaleza wanted a solution that would foster collaboration and teamwork and to make the most out of client training and other professional activities.


Solnaturaleza found the Newline TRUTOUCH RS Series 86″ display to be the perfect solution for all of their needs. The RS Series is an interactive display that gathers all the features needed to carry out all essential tasks within the center. This solution, which provides a collaborative experience for all users in an efficient and dynamic way, can be managed using either a stylus or a finger. Furthermore, the RS Series display can be connected and cast to from any device or operating system, providing intuitive and simple management.


Solnaturaleza installed the RS Series interactive display in their main meeting, conference and training room, located in their center in Madrid city. All employees welcomed this device and loved it from the very first moment they got their hands on it. After a short training developed by Newline, the company now has all the tools needed for optimal productivity.

Users within the company are very satisfied with the product, not only for its ease of use but also because this new device allows for meetings and trainings to be carried out in an interactive and dynamic way.