Górki Primary School, Poland

The Primary School in Górki (Poland), teaches students from 7 to 16 years old. Besides the regular subjects, the school has special concerns relating to the natural environment, music, fine arts, and the English language.


The main aspect considered by the Primary School at Górki was to implement the latest technologies into the learning process, to make it more effective and increase the attractiveness of lessons and meetings for the kids.

The Górki Primary School management was looking for high quality technologies, suitable for their needs and that were budget friendly.


The school was searching for a big touchscreen, with full HD resolution, vivid image, powerful speakers, and good customer service, so they decided to make Newline the chosen supplier to equip the school. They selected the 65-inches TRUTOUCH as the device that would ideally suit their needs.


Now, the screen is part of their educational material, increasing the effectiveness of the learning process.

The TRUTOUCH touch display has brought a fresh look to the classes, incorporating new tools and utilities for kids ́ education. Now, children at school can use the interactive touchscreen at their events, which is much easier than an interactive whiteboard with projector. Also, light conditions are not an issue and music can be played independently from the sound system. The interactivity and engagement in class has been significantly increased.

Customer Profile

Name: Górki Primary School
Industry: Education
Country: Poland
Solution: TRUTOUCH series