You are currently viewing Introducing Q Pro Series, Newline’s First Interactive Panel with Native Google EDLA Certification

Introducing Q Pro Series, Newline’s First Interactive Panel with Native Google EDLA Certification

Revolutionizing Interactive Displays with Google Integration and Android 13

ALLEN, TX (May 2, 2024) – Newline Interactive, a global leader in interactive displays and AV solutions, today announced the debut of the new Q Pro Series, it’s first interactive panel with native Google EDLA certification. Leveraging the power of Google’s ecosystem, the Q Pro Series seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace, allowing users to access their files, applications, collaborative and administrative tools directly from their interactive display.

This revolutionary lineup of interactive flat panels is designed to transform classrooms and offices into dynamic hubs of collaboration. With a range of sizes from 55″ to an impressive 98″, the Q Pro Series promises an immersive experience for all.

Key Features of the Q Pro Series Include:

Google EDLA Certification: The Q Pro Series is certified by Google EDLA, providing top-notch security features, seamless Google app integrations, and unparalleled connectivity.

USB Type C with 65W Power Support: Start connecting faster with the Q Pro Series’ plug-and-play design. Connect your devices effortlessly while keeping them charged with the USB Type C port.

Android 13 Operating System with User Profiles: Experience a secure and customizable environment with the embedded Android 13 OS and user profiles, enhancing personalization for both students and professionals.

Camera Module Capability: Enable enriched communication and collaboration with camera module capability, expanding the possibilities for interactive lessons and virtual engagement.

Enhanced Network Capability with Wi-Fi 6: Enjoy superior connectivity for up to 30 devices simultaneously, ensuring a seamless and robust network experience for collaboration.

Up to 40 Points of Touch: The Q Pro Series offers an industry-leading touch experience, supporting up to 40 points of touch for multi-user collaboration.

20 Watt Speakers: Immerse your room in crystal-clear audio with the Q Pro Series’ powerful 20W speakers, ensuring every person can hear and engage effectively.

“Newline is excited to introduce the Q Pro Series to our interactive display ecosystem,” said Ty Hall, Chief Revenue Officer at Newline Interactive. “The Q Pro sets a new standard in interactive display technology, bringing together powerful performance and seamless Google integration to create an unparalleled user experience.”

The Q Pro Series represents Newline Interactive’s commitment to advancing interactive technology, providing schools and offices with the tools they need to create engaging and collaborative environments. With its impressive features and state-of-the-art technology, the Q Pro Series is set to redefine the future of collaboration.

The Q Pro Series will be in stock and ready to ship in May 2024. For more information, pricing, and technical specifications, please visit

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