Long Term Benefits of Digital Class Projects

As digital learning slips into more and more class classrooms, starting from elementary school and going all the way through high school, students gain more opportunities to work on digital class projects and assignments.

These assignments, from simple presentations to more involved media projects, have been a staple of a student’s more hands-on learning through the hands. But the advent of making these projects digital now gives those students an additional perk: the ability to create an online, digital portfolio of their work.

Instead of having a project only be saved as a solitary piece of paper, or something captured on developable film, assignments can now be saved to a cloud storage system like DropBox and videos can be published on an easily shareable platform like YouTube. Having a long collection of their work can better aide a student when it comes time for the infamous college application process.

Students planning to get into more hands-on fields, such as Film or certain types of Art and Science subjects, have a new method of saving their work as they grow. When those students start applying to colleges or technical schools, they will have a long backlog of videos and digitally saved projects that they can submit with the rest of their application to show off their learned finesse over the years.

With proof of their technical skills, students almost instantly become stronger candidates for their top choice schools. It is one thing to list off your accomplishments on paper, but having hard evidence, such as digital projects, can do nothing but boost a student’s credibility.

Turning the classic classroom projects and presentations digital also prepares your students for the future. More businesses and fields of study are going digital as well. Giving students more opportunities to explore the digital tools available to them not only challenges them, not only keeps them more engaged, but grows their technical and motor skills all at the same time.