State Bank of Indonesia, Indonesia

Founded in 1946, the State Bank of Indonesia is an Indonesian state-owned bank. It has branches primarily in Indonesia, but can also be found in Australia, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and the USA. It had 1000 branches and over 9 million customers in 2006.  It has been ranked by the Forbes Magazine as #109 in Top Regarded Companies 2019 and #157 in World’s Best Employers 2018. It is the fourth-largest bank of Indonesia in terms of assets.


The Headquarters of the State Bank of Indonesia were looking to upgrade the outdated projector and whiteboard setups they had been using in their conference and meeting rooms. The Headquarters also wanted to utilize the empty spaces in their offices and turn them into huddle spaces to increase employee interaction and communication efficiency. Although there were many empty spaces throughout the different floors of the HQ building, employees often could not find empty meeting rooms to use. This greatly affected the productivity of the company.

To solve this problem, the State Bank of Indonesia wanted to upgrade to a more advanced, innovative solution that could replace the projector and whiteboard setup and increase the efficiency of meetings. They were also looking to make use of the empty spaces in the building in a way that would increase communication between departments and facilitate spontaneous meetings.


The Headquarters of the State Bank of Indonesia found the perfect solution to be the Newline VN Series interactive display in 75”. With responsive touch technology, 4K UHD resolution, and its non-proprietary nature, the VN Series lets teams at the State Bank collaborate on content without limits.

The dual system of the VN Series allows users to switch between the Android system and the Windows OS running on the powerful on-board OPS PC. With Android, teams can use the built-in whiteboard during meetings for discussions and annotate over any content without interrupting the flow. A single click at any moment takes users to Windows, where they can use all their favorite applications and open Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files.

Top management at the HQ building can use the huddle spaces enabled by the VN Series interactive display to make quick and important decisions.


All staff at the Headquarters are very pleased with the Newline VN Series. The displays in the conference and meeting rooms are used daily as intuitive digital whiteboards for productive discussions. As no proprietary pen is needed to write on the Newline display, users can easily interact with their fingers for smooth collaboration. The intelligent Object Recognition feature allow users to use their fingers as pens and palms as erasers with ease.

Meetings and discussions have become a lot easier with the built-in whiteboard. The quick switch between Windows and Android also helps productivity, especially since attendees can quickly annotate over any content without interrupting the flow of the meeting.

Newline Cast allows presenters to cast their personal device screens to the display wirelessly and effortlessly. Newline Display Management enables IT to centrally control and manage all the Newline displays in the building from the comfort of their desk.

Finally, the Optical Bonding technology of the display brings the visual experience to another level, and makes the writing experience sensational.


“The Newline VN Series interactive display has made our weekly and daily meetings and discussion very productive. We should have made this upgrade much earlier.” –IT Facilities Deputy Director

Customer Profile

Name: State Bank of Indonesia
Industry: Finance and Banking
Country: Indonesia
Solution: VN Series