A collaborative whiteboarding solution that brings together video chat and document editing in real-time across multiple locations.

Newline Workspace

A cloud-based digital whiteboard solution.

Work with anyone, anywhere in real-time with a whiteboard experience that will change how you collaborate.

Newline Workspace is more than a digital whiteboard – it brings your team together for better, more efficient collaboration. Hosted in the cloud, Workspace lets your team take notes, make instant changes to documents, and call each other for a face-to-face working experience, no matter where the rest of your team is.

Access with the Cloud

All you need to use workspace is an Internet connection, the Cloud does the rest.

Compatible with all devices

Workspace works on with any operating system, making it user-friendly.

Work face-to-face

Start a video call right within Workspace to work more seamlessly with remote teams.

Whiteboard tools

Use all of the features you love from other whiteboard systems!

Document editing

Import documents right into Workspace and make real-time changes to them with your team.

Easy share and save

Share and save your Workspace notes with others with a touch of a button.

Real-time edits.

Make changes to important documents that will be reflected on every screen in the meeting. Because Newline Workspace exists purely in the cloud, team members can easily hop in and make edits with you in real-time.

Wireless casting contents with smart meeting software newlineCast
multiple location meeting with interactive display

Video Chat with your team.

Work with your team face-to-face with Workspace’s video calling feature. Collaborate better together by seeing your team’s expressions and hearing their suggestions while taking notes, editing documents and more!

Easy to connect ideas.

Sharing your current Workspace with others only takes the press of a button. Connect with more of your team to work together more efficiently.

Save your Workspace file to reopen and review or add notes at a later time.

student touching interactive display in front of classroom

Great for business and schools.

Newline Workspace is also great for taking notes during class! Present lessons, have students work together to solve problems, or call in an expert to talk to your students about a subject.

1-year of Launch Control included with an X Series

Get one-year of Newline Workspace FREE when you purchase an X Series display.

Try out the digital whiteboarding solution on a display designed around collaboration and see how it improves your team’s meetings.